The state of investment management today forces general partners and private equity fund managers to face the competing pressures of managing increasingly complex investment vehicles and the associated need to make investment administration more efficient. Simultaneously, investors demand and deserve timely, accurate, auditable administration of their capital. Balancing these demands, while also managing the core business of generating superior investor returns requires a simplified level of investment administration.

  • The ChallengeA variety of challenges prevent organizations from efficiently and effectively balancing the demands of capital administration from three perspectives:

The complexity of capital accounting, non-standard partnership structures and book-to tax considerations

Rendering this complexity in a suitable technology platform

Specialized operational staffing skills required on a cyclical basis

  • As a result of these challenges, the capital accounting function is typically performed with spreadsheets which lack the scalability, consistency, control and transparency required in today’s capital management environment.
  • The Solution

    In response to these challenges, IEA offers our comprehensive CapAdministration solution, combining our extensive accounting experience, proven technology and world-class operations. IEA’s proprietary Capital Administration platform, CapAssure provides our clients with a proven and sustainable technology platform. IEA’s industry professionals provide dependable, cost-effective operational support to meet the demands of our clients including:

  • Distribution Waterfalls
  • Hypothetical Liquidation Waterfalls
  • Clawback Accruals
  • Profit & Loss Allocations
  • Capital Account Maintenance
  • Capital Forecasting
  • Reporting, Analytics and Transparency

IEA’s professional staff provide complete Capital Administration services, providing a turn-key solution to capital accounting needs.