IEA partners with our clients and their advisors to provide insight and definition to their accounting and operations infrastructure. IEA’s services assist our clients to establish or dramatically improve their infrastructure. By focusing on our clients’ needs and the fundamental economics of the investment industry, we help banks, fund managers, investment partnerships and other sectors of the financial service industry maximize their accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. With over 50 years of collective experience in the financial services industry, our proven advisory services can significantly improve your infrastructure.

Our Advisory Services Include

Business analysis

Quantitative / Financial analysis

Strategic planning

Technology development and implementation

Process re-engineering

Disciplines Supported By IEA:

  • Investment & Fund Accounting: IEA’s accounting services provide systematic recordkeeping for all aspects of the investment lifecycle. These services include creation of the appropriate chart of accounts and development of the accounting model to accurately and meaningfully capture economic transactions to maintain auditable Partnership, GAAP and Tax based records. IEA’s professionals also provide on-going recordkeeping of capital and/or equity accounting, investment acquisitions & liquidations, valuations & pricing, income & expense recognition (cash and accrual based) and other fund related book and tax related events.
  • Capital Administration: IEA offers our comprehensive CapAdministrationSM solution, combining extensive accounting experience, proven technology and world-class operations. IEA’s proprietary Capital Administration platform, CapAssureTM provides clients with a proven and sustainable technology platform. IEA’s industry professionals provide dependable, cost-effective operational support to meet the demands of our clients.
  • Tax & Compliance: IEA can assist in the identification and processing of book-to-tax adjustments, federal & state filings, k-1 generation & processing, withholdings & other tax-related reporting.

Investor Reporting: IEA’s reporting services include preparation of annual/quarterly financial statements, financial highlights and customized investor reporting, as well as performance measurement, fund liquidity and investment concentration analysis.